United Nations Society at the European University Viadrina

In a Model United Nations conference, sessions of UN bodies are simulated by students, which enables them to understand the principles of international relations and negotiations in general as well as the structures and functioning of the United Nations and their related institutions.


Learning international politics by acting on one's own has several advantages:

  • better understanding of the complexity of international negotiations
  • represent nation states or non-governmental organizations
  • deepen one's knowledge on a specific conflict
  • research positions on current issues
  • debate on the basis of their country´s policy
  • be part of a great event and an international community
  • get in contact with people of the same interest and improve your network

Founded in 2006 after the very first MUN conference in Frankfurt (Oder), the ViaMUN team has been the association for topics of international politics and the United Nations at the Viadrina University, organizing and hosting a Model United Nations annually as well as panel discussions and movie screenings or other events on international relations and politics.

Furthermore, we conduct delegation trainings in order to prepare future delegations to other MUN conferences at the best. We are a team of international students from various fields of studies and always open for new members.

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